As I’m sure many of us can agree, we all crave a life full of adventure, yet most of us don’t take the opportunity to make it a reality. I was deeply inspired when meeting Topper and Paige, a young couple seizing the moment and exploring the world. They have spent the last 2 months traveling the west coast in their beloved school bus they named Lakshmi. Although they are not homeless, since they sleep in their bus, they have chosen to ride the open road which naturally comes with a few bumps. Sadly, these bumps in the road have made them stranded in Paige’s hometown of Las Vegas. Their beloved school bus Lakshmi has a broken fuel pump and they do not have the funds to fix it. To get back on the road and back to the adventure, the young couple is pan-handling hoping to raise enough money to get it fixed.


If any of our readers are or know someone who is a mechanic who could possibly help Topper and Paige with their bus, please feel free to reach out! Your help in getting them back on the road would mean the absolute world to us!


Although Topper and Paige have hit hard times, they still remain optimistic and ready for anything that comes their way. Once  they are on the road again with their three dogs, they hope to make their way to Northern California where they can mine for gold. They have found success in finding gold in steams, sandbars, rivers, and plaster deposits. This hobby has become something that can make them money during their travels. This inspired me to get thinking about the world around us. We are all so focused on getting jobs and securing our futures that we miss the little opportunity to make the most of life. This incredible young couple is exploring and making the most of their 20’s and admire this so much.


Once we started talking about Can You Spare A Story and the work we do with the homeless, Topper and Paige spoke about their similar passion. In the past, they have served with an incredible local group called Food Not Bombs. Food Not Bombs is a local non-profit that focuses on sharing food that would otherwise go to waste.  They serve free vegan meals in public spaces such as city parks, distribute food to people in need, and provide food at activist events, politically-conscious shows and social gatherings.


Although Paige and Topper love a life of adventure, they hope to eventually settle down in rural Northern Nevada. There they plan to build a house, mine for gold, and live with their three adorable dogs who they adore. I had an absolute blast getting to know Paige and Topper and I hope you enjoyed reading about them as well.

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