Stacey and Darrell are two brothers with an inseparable bond from traveling through life’s hardships together. The two of them grew up with another brother, who is currently a firefighter, and their mother and father in Montana. From boyhood, Stacey and Darrell were all-American with a love of baseball in their blood. Their father was a dedicated umpire who passed down his love for the sport to all three of his boys. Darrell (pictured on the left) is a die-hard Mariners fan and Stacey (pictured on the right) is a Dodgers fan. Their love of baseball followed them into adulthood and for a while, they followed in their father’s footsteps becoming umpires. Stacey umpired as well as serving the Montana National Guard from 1986 to 1990.

Stacey found his way to Arizona when his son graduated from high school. Stacey’s son lived with his mother, so Stacey came down to celebrate his son’s accomplishments. He expressed how incredibly proud he was, and still is, of his son who is now 23. Stacey stayed in Phoenix to help his son out and also focus on their relationship. He found a job as an umpire and found love with a local woman. Things seemed incredible until a nasty substance called methamphetamine came into play. His girlfriend at the time introduced him to the substance and then shortly after she started to act out in a jealous rage. The environment was no longer safe for Stacey but sadly he was already addicted. His addiction began to take over his life, leading him to lose the job he loved as an umpire and forced to move in with a friend in Phoenix.

Darrell moved to Phoenix in 2013 to be with Stacey once again, the two lived with Stacey’s friend until things became tense within the household. Stacey’s addiction continued to grow and Darrell also followed down the dark path. When things got out of hand, Darrell and Stacey moved out of the house and onto the streets. The two went through treatment side-by-side in hopes of defeating the addiction. This is a challenge many individuals face, addiction can be an ever present monster waiting to eat you alive. The two stayed clean for 5 months before relapsing, but they are currently looking to go back into treatment to finally defeat the addiction. The obstacle with that is the high expense of rehabilitation. Stacey receives assistance from the VA but Darrell’s Medicare does not cover the expense. Since meeting Darrell and Stacey, I have been researching further on how we could make treatment possible for them.

I would like to make it clear that substance abuse does not define who Stacey and Darrell are. They are individuals with a story worth hearing and sharing. They spoke to me and my friend, Jedd, open and honestly for about an hour and truly let us get to know them. Darrell has recently lost one of his two daughters and he is currently trying to make it back home to Montana to be with family and loved ones. Stacey is currently comforting Darrell to the best of his ability in this time of need.

The two live in a tent within an open lot behind a local Dairy Queen, where they feel comfortable and safe. They are allowed to wash up in a gas station bathroom nearby but they struggle to afford hygiene products. On Saturday morning before the Can You Spare A Story event, we were able to drop off shampoo, conditioner, dental product, deodorant, socks, and undergarments. We were able to provide these supplies from the various donations and profits from our new merchandise, so we genuinely thank you all for helping contribute.

Stacey and Darrell are incredible individuals who didn’t sugarcoat their story when sharing it. I believe their honesty is extremely admirable and something that I hope readers respect. They are brothers in blood and in heart and I am grateful I had the chance to get to know them. I think about them on an everyday basis and hope to help them on their road to recovery. If anyone has any information about rehabilitation opportunities for those in need, please reach out to me.

I truly hope you enjoyed Stacey and Darrell’s story and understand that their honesty was extremely noble. As they are fans of baseball, I am fans of them.

Thanks for reading,


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