Red & Rebecca Las Vegas, NV

As my final days in Las Vegas come to a close, I had the pleasure of meeting Red and Rebecca before I head back to Phoenix. Never in my life have a seen a couple laugh and smile as much as I did with these two. Their genuine connection was electric and left me feeling giddy. Red and Rebecca met 5 years ago on the Las Vegas Strip. At the time, Rebecca had been known as the lady with the cat wearing sunglasses.

Cheddar has since sadly passed away, but he was a beloved celebrity in his life. Rebecca’s cat had groupies from all over the world and was even mentioned in the Las Vegas Review-Journal (which you can find here). Cheddar was reported to bring in the big bucks for Rebecca and her daughter to pay the bills. Prior to meeting Rebecca, Red traveled America by hitchhiking. He said to me, ” I could throw a dart at the map and go there”. I loved this, the freedom of not being held back. The last place Red ended up was Indiana before he put his traveling days behind him.

In recent days, Rebecca and Red are living on the streets trying to make the most of day-to-day life. Together Red and Rebecca have 5 cats who they cherish. Rebecca even joked saying ” They get fed before we do”. When asked what the hardest part of street-life is they answered, trying to find a space to sleep without trespassing being an issue. Rebecca is said to be a “cardboard architect” creating elaborate cardboard shelter for the two to stay warm as the winter nights cool down. Rebecca and Red are two very fair individuals who believe if you earn it, you get it. Each and every day, Red and Rebecca walk the streets trying to make money to reach their daily goal to survive.

Sadly, addiction and homelessness go hand in hand. Drugs are easily accessible while on the streets and seem like the only way out. Red and Rebecca have been struggling with addiction on and off for a while. Addiction is a disease many will never understand unless put in the situation. I hope and pray these two continue on their journey to sobriety, I would hate to see such amazing people be defeated by such a terrible disease.

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