Miss Jeannie; Phoenix, AZ

Alas the holiday season is upon us! As I scroll through the “Can You Spare A Story” Instagram (which you can find here), I have been hit by a whirlwind of volunteer posts and I am so grateful to share the world with such inspiring individuals. The passion for community has a way of coming out during the holiday season, I strongly encourage you to get involved. If you chose to take advantage of the volunteer opportunities this holiday season, I would love for you to share them with me by using the hashtag #canyouspareavolunteer.

Today’s story is the story of Miss Jeannie. This Phoenix native has southwestern sass that will blow you away. But once you crack her shell, you realize that it’s all an act to ensure her safety while on the streets. Miss Jeannie became homeless in 2015 after a texting and driving car accident left her in the hospital with two ruptured discs in her back and medical bills piling up. At the time, she was staying with a boyfriend in Newport Beach, who had kicked her out after the accident, leaving her with thousands of dollars in medical bills. Jean was forced on the streets in extreme pain emotionally and physically, abandoned by a man she was madly in love with.

In recent days, Jeanie is begging on Phoenix streets to make it day to day. She says the most challenging parts of living on the streets is providing basic life needs and being a woman alone in this world. Jeanie choked up when talking about how her ex-boyfriend destroyed every ounce of trust she once had. Jeanie is a one man wolf-pack, unable to trust due to fear of being betrayed. She broke my heart by saying, ” I have no friends, family, or support”. Jeanie believes she has a guardian angel guiding her throughout life, protecting her from danger while on the streets. She spends a majority of her time at the library, constantly searching for new knowledge to better herself. In high school, Jeanie always wanted to be a teacher providing guidance to young kids to better the future. Jeanie has a kind heart, she constantly tries to see the good in people. She inspires me to be more optimistic in my day to day life, I hope her story has a similar influence on you.

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