Can You Spare A Story started simply as a blog to end the negative stigma attached to homelessness. Can You Spare A Story is more than just interviews with the homeless, it’s making genuine connections with those who are normally ignored by the general public. We have continued to grow as a nonprofit and now look to serve more by helping those struggling with homelessness get back on their feet. We aim to continue providing as much as we can to those in need, whether it’s clothing, shoes, toiletries, bus passes, new identification cards, or anything else that might help one individual.

Can You Spare A Story’s clothing line was created to build a community around helping homelessness. People can now shop to serve by purchasing our merchandise, where 100% of the proceeds go back to helping those in need.

Our biggest events are the Can You Spare A Story Priceless Pop-Up Shops, which are personal shopping experiences without the worry of cost. Those who are homeless have the chance to get free clothing, shoes, toiletries, accessories and more, making them feel confident in their own skin. Can You Spare A Story believes in providing a warm, personal volunteer experience where our volunteers truly get to know and connect with the individuals we serve. More information on our previous events can be found under the Events tab.

In our first year as a non-profit organization, we have served over 1000 individuals struggling with homelessness. We hope to at least double that number our second year and would love to see more of the community join us in our mission. Welcome to Can You Spare A Story!

600,000+ People Are Homeless Any Given Night

1:4 Of The Homeless Are Children

57,000+ Homeless Are Veterans

1:5 Homeless Suffer From Untreated Severe Mental Illness