In times of doubt, we are often times told to lean on our friends and loved ones. But, sometimes things just don’t work out as originally planned. This is what happened to Denise, she came to Las Vegas with a friend seeking a new life of adventure. They had planned to get a place to call home and a stable job to start their new life in the big city. Before Denise was able to settle into her new life, she was left in the dust by the friend she depended on leaving her with unpaid rent and nowhere to go.

Denise has been on the streets ever since this incident occurred in July of 2017. She has been forced to learn the ropes of street life and is still struggling to adapt. Luckily, she has found good friends in her times of trouble who surround her on the streets. Her biggest tip to survival is to surround yourself with those who care for you because if you give up they will always have your back. I completely agree with this statement and know that some of the most beautiful friendships come from pain and suffering.

Denise is currently focusing all her energy on returning home to her friends and loved ones. She has had no form of communication with them since she moved out to Las Vegas and they are unaware that she is even homeless. Denise does everything to remain productive and on top of her goals so she can work towards getting back on her feet. She mentioned that it can be easy to fall into a hole of self-pity while on the streets but the best way to avoid it is to remain productive. Productivity on the streets means being in line on time to receive meals and a place to stay and panhandling to raise money to make it back home. Denise tries to save a majority of the money raised daily to find a method of transportation back home to her family. She mentioned that she has mastered living on under 2 dollars a day and predicts she should be able to afford a bus ticket back home in a month or two.

I met Denise at our Winter Priceless Pop-Up Shop where she got the chance to pick out new winter clothing and blankets. It was 32 degrees outside and it only got colder at night. Denise is strong and focused on remaining safe and warm during the brutal winter. She mentioned that staying warm can be extremely challenging and if you don’t get in line sooner enough for shelter, you’re stuck. This leaves little time to even think about getting a job due to the fact she is constantly waiting in line to be fed or have a bed for the night. This is a major issue I have heard from a multitude of individuals I interview. The never-ending lines contribute to the vicious cycle that keeps these individuals stuck in homelessness.

I wish nothing but the best for Denise and hope she finds her way back home. Denise is a genuine individual who wants to find her way out. You as a reader and subscriber of Can You Spare A Story have already helped Denise and many other individuals by donating to our mission and purchasing our merchandise. 100% of all the funds go towards serving those we meet. We provided Denise with winter clothing, blankets, and toiletries. Thank you for being apart of the movement. We are so incredibly excited to have you as part of the Can You Spare A Story family.

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