Chris; Las Vegas, NV

Today’s story is the story of one of the most genuine souls I have ever met. A dedicated father whose eyes light up when he speaks of his four-year-old baby girl, Lacey. Chris spoke of his daughter like she puts stars in the sky, even whipping out a photo or two gabbing about the gorgeous girl. Chris is new to the homeless scene, after a falling out with Lacey’s mother 2 weeks ago he was forced onto the streets. Chris will see his daughter for Christmas and I promise you, he is counting down the seconds.

In recent days, it has been difficult for Chris to find jobs in construction. He mentioned that the union workers are offered the first pick of jobs, leaving little to none for non-union workers. Chris has purchased a pre-paid phone to stay up-to-date with job opportunities by panhandling on the side of the street. When I asked him what the most difficult part of homelessness, he said ” begging on the side of the street for money”. Chris has a strong sense of pride that makes it difficult to beg, I admire this and came to the realization that most people would feel this way if put in the situation.

Chris restored my faith in humanity. He told me that people provide, his sign simply states what he needs: food, water, and blankets. I feel as though the community sees those who are genuinely in need, just like Chris. On the streets, Chris has made a street family of some of the most humble individuals. He has made 5 good friends who would give the shirt off their backs for anyone in need. I asked of related family and he mentioned that two years ago, he lost his mother on Christmas Eve which started a downward spiral. Chris is focused on his goals and being an amazing father, I know that this is just a rough patch in his story. If he is reading this, I want him to know that I have nothing but respect for him and pray he gets back to working soon. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet and share the stories of amazing people. I hope you keep these individuals in mind this holiday season and chose to share these stories with friends and family.

Thanks for reading,