One Year of Can You Spare A Story

One Year of Can You Spare A Story

Today marks one year since the creation of Can You Spare A Story. What started out as a passion project of a young girl in her dorm room, turned into a non-profit organization bringing people together to serve the homeless population. In one year, we have provided 20 homeless individuals a voice to share their stories without the fear of judgment. We have gathered 2,380 email followers who avidly follow and share these stories. Can You Spare A Story was created to end the negative stigma attached to the homeless population by sharing real-life stories of the homeless individuals I meet throughout life. In the last year, I have met and introduced some of the most inspiring individuals through the blog. I hope we continue to inspire individuality throughout the homeless.

The Can You Spare A Story family has felt inspired, defeated, and respected throughout the course of the last year. We have worked together as a community to collect 200 bags of clothing for our first event! On July 29th, we successfully held a Priceless Pop-Up Shop which provided our homeless clients a normal shopping experience without the worry of cost. Words cannot describe our excitement as 30 volunteers worked tirelessly to serve our 150 shoppers.

In the past year, Can You Spare A Story has become less about me and more about providing for others. This may sound strange, but through interviews, I have found a new appreciation for the little things in life. As we head into our second event, I have nothing but absolute faith and trust in the community. We will be hosting our second Priceless Pop-Up Shop on December 23rd, 2017. Once again, we will be working hand-in-hand with the Care Complex to provide for our homeless community. We are currently accepting donations of all men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories! Please see the following photo for information!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be trusted with the responsibility of sharing these stories. I hope Can You Spare A Story helps you realize that everyone has a story, you just have to listen.

Thanks for reading.