Michael and Dianne Las Vegas, NV

I have always found it incredibly interesting how life throws people into our lives exactly when we need them. Sometimes at our lowest lows when we feel as though the world is cold and dark, the world places someone who gleams light into the mix. This point was proven to me when I had the pleasure of meeting Michael and Dianne. Michael and Dianne met and fell in love on the streets of Las Vegas. Everything was not perfect starting out as the two had to learn how to co-exist and trust each other. The streets are an unexpected place to find love but both had been struggling with homelessness and together they decided to work their way out of it. The two now have an unbreakable bond full of love and trust. I was absolutely blown away by their love story and needed to share it with the world.

Dianne met Michael 5 years ago, she had just gotten out of rehabilitation and had nowhere left to go. Her mother now had custody of her beloved daughter and she was left on the streets. Dianne originally traveled solo, constantly being harassed and always on high alert. She mentioned how difficult it can be to trust others when it seems as though everyone is out to get you. Luckily, she met and fell in love with a man she can trust and whom she plans to spend the rest of her life with.

Michael, who is originally from California, has been on the streets for the past 6 years. He has learned a great deal about life and the world through life on the streets. He mentions how important the lessons he has learned are and thinks everyone should live on the streets at some point. Losing everything teaches you to value the things you have in life. Michael has a new found appreciation for life and as he heads out of homelessness he takes the lessons of the streets with him.

Since traveling together, Michael and Dianne have developed a bond as I have never seen. He looks at her like she puts stars and the sky and she smiles a genuine smile. Most people do not expect to find this kind of happiness on the streets but Michael and Dianne are the exceptions. But their experience on the streets has not been all sunshine and rainbows. The couple has lost everything and has had to rebuild their life multiple times. Luckily, Michael and Dianne have the luxury of staying with Michael’s aunt in Las Vegas some days. They spend their days running signs on the streets in an effort to pay her back for her generosity.

Michael and Dianne hope to get back into the workforce within the Las Vegas Valley. Micheal would love to work at any local car washes as he has previous experience in this field! Dianne is looking for a job either working as a barista or working in a spa. Currently, they stay around Spring Mountain and Jones. If you know of any opportunities for work, please let us know so we can get you connected with these incredible individuals.

Micheal and Dianne, words cannot describe how incredible meeting you both was. Your genuine happiness is contagious and I am so grateful to know you. I hope the readers love you as much as I do.

Readers, thank you so much for keeping up with Can You Spare A Story on all of our social media platforms. In 2018, we had the privilege of serving over 1,000 individuals struggling with homelessness. None of this would be possible without your support so thank you for making 2018 an absolute dream. 2019 will be filled with more growth and we hope you stick around to grow with us.

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