Mike Las Vegas, NV

Mike is one of those individuals who is born with the blues in his blood. His passion for the music is electric and present as you speak with him. In recent years, he has been struck by homelessness killing his ability to freely practice his passion. He has been playing, practicing, and performing for the last 30 years of his life. He came to Las Vegas from Massachuset looking for a life in show business doing anything to make it happen. To practice his daydream, he had to deal with a day job at a local temp agency. The work was few and far between leaving Mike with no consistency in his financial situations. With bills to pay and a mouth to feed, the money ran out quick and he was forced onto the streets. Mike has spent the last two years on the streets just trying to survive.

I am a firm believer that passion can get you out of any situation that hits you in life. The excitement in Mike's voice a I met him was one extremely familiar to me. It was a voice of excitement for the future. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike on a day full of incredible opportunity where he had just tried out for a blue band in the downtown area. His passion was contagious as he told me all about the audition and how for the first time in a long time, he felt right again. The music is what keeps Mike going, it's the notes and beats that dance in his head giving him the strength to carry on.

Mike has learned the ropes of the streets over the course of the last two years. You would be so surprised to know how much time management and patience it takes for survival on the streets. Mike has to wake up, get in line for breakfast, wait 2-3 hours, get back in line for lunch wait 2-3 again, and then get back in line for dinner. Once has finished getting food, he has to focus on finding a place to stay for the night. If the line is too long for the shelters, he must find a place on the streets before everything is taken. In his free time, he has to focus on finding sources of clothing, transpiration, and locker space.

Mike says that hardest part about being homeless is finding a safe place to store your belongings while trying to get sleep in. A lot of theft occurs on the streets and if you aren't careful you could lose it all in the blink of an eye. Mike travels on his own and minds his own business to stay out of trouble. He is still on his mission of making his music career come to life and practices daily to keep up with his skill set.

Mike is filled with passion which I personally believe will get him through this rough patch. I hope more than anything that he received the opportunity to play in the blues band downtown to let his talents shine. If you're reading this Mike, never quit your daydream.

Thanks for reading,